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  1. Khoirun 2015-11-29 23:58:51

    Science work on epigenetic meormy which is really the meormy in the genome, epigenetic markers in the genome, and that can be passed on from cell to cell, so that cells, when they divide, basically remember what they were before. This is going on all the time, this kind of epigenetic meormy. All of the cells that we have in our body carry this kind of meormy of their identity, of what they are, of what tissue they are, and this is really important because if that meormy goes wrong for example, the outcome can be cancer. And then, is it possible that the environment and things that we experience is laid down in memories in the brain? that’s certainly the case. Is that through epigenetic mechanisms? maybe. Then to extend the question even further, is it possible that those memories that get laid down in the brain as part of an epigenetic mechanism could be inherited by our children and grandchildren? i think that’s a big leap, kind of theoretically possible, but remember that brain cells are very specialised. The things that get laid down in the brain cells predominantly happens after birth

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